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ADDers and Ladders
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Информация об игре
ADDers and Ladders
3 раз сыграли
Когда добавили: 2014-04-14
Описание: This game is mouse controlled for one player against the Computer. In the game, the computer's counter is the red one and your counter is blue. On the first screen choose to play either Up the Snakes and Down the Ladders or the traditional Down the Snakes and Up the Ladders, by clicking the appropriate button.rnrnPlace the mouse pointer over the dice shaker on the right and as long as you keep your pointer there, the dice will be shaken! Left mouse click on the shaker to throw the dice. The value of the dice will be shown in Your Place but you will have to move your counter. To do this you just left mouse click on your blue counter and it will attach itself to your pointer. To place the counter on the numbered square equal to your score just left click the mouse again when over that square. When you have placed your blue counter on the correct square, the computer rolls the dice and has its go, which includes moving its red counter to the right square on the board.rnrnIn the traditional Snakes and Ladders game you move up the ladders and down the snakes. You can choose to play the traditional version on screen one when the game first loads. In my game you do the opposite i.e. down the ladders and up the snakes. This piece of action for both players is controlled by the game, so that when your score means you land at the bottom of a snake, your counter will automatically be transported up it to the square it's head is on. Similarly if your score means you land at the top of a ladder, then down you will slide. In the traditional game the opposite applies. The winner is the first one to reach a score of 100 or more. You will then be given an option to play Another Game by clicking the button between the two score panels and the tally of games won will be kept in the Finish panel.
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