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Christmas Decoration Jigsaw
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Christmas Decoration Jigsaw
6 раз сыграли
Когда добавили: 2013-08-11
Описание: Now, get ready for a totally new pleasure. If you're looking for a challenge, right in front of you is the biggest test of your observation abilities. I have to mention one more time that computer games are still the most selected way of testing your mental skills. All other ways are a bit boring and burden more than they should offer fun. Therefore, children of all ages are very happy to avoid them and rather search for online games. So, be the first to greet Christmas. Christmas Decoration Jigsaw can surely bring the most beautiful holiday spirit and mood to your home. Feel free to indulge completely into the Christmas feelings and start right now with preparing Christmas. This game, among other things will give you some good ideas for that. But, what is the primary goal of this game is giving you the great entertainment time. It will certainly be achieved with its task. The game task is about matching puzzle pieces from decorating Christmas picture, and I hope that it will leave you breathless when you see it. The next step is to choose one mode of the game from easy, medium, hard and expert. After that, you need to shuffle the jigsaw pieces and try to put them together in one picture as quickly as you can. If you select the easy mode you have to match 12 pieces. In the medium level their number increase to 48 pieces and in the hard mode you need to puzzle 108 parts. At the end, if you overcome all previous modes, try to challenge yourself in the part of experts where you have 192 pieces. Likewise, you have to face with one more challenge. Make sure to do your task before the time runs out. Good luck with the game and I wish you Happy Holidays!
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