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Star wars
Добавил: admin, 2013-08-10, 00:00 - 0 комментариев

When you think Star Wars, you go straight to the Mos Eisley cantina scene. It was where we saw what Han Solo was all about, and as such it was the birthplace of all our bounty hunter fantasies. It’s also the chief inspiration for Star Wars 1313.

“It has been liberating,” says creative director Dominic Robilliard, who also produced The Force Unleashed 2. “I love every aspect of Star Wars, but being able to investigate something that’s always been in the background but that you’ve never really spent any time in is just awesome.”

Robilliard’s mom forgot to hit record during Episode IV until the cantina scene, so the universe begins there for him. The eponymous Level 1313 of Coruscant, a skyless netherworld populated by deadbeats, mercenaries and gangsters, is the perfect venue to host that game, says Robilliard: “It’s that kind of vibe, this criminal underworld that produced people like Han Solo and Jabba—and I think that [matches] the type of thing we’re going for.”

Star Wars 1313’s cover shooter mechanics won’t win any innovation awards, but the slickness of the execution is going to win it a lot of friends. In cutscenes, the player character and his bounty-hunter boss convey a level of subtlety in their facial expressions that make other game protagonists look like homemade sock puppets. But there’s not that much of it yet—only the short scenes I’m being shown.

To prove what we’re looking at is in-engine, realtime rendering, the devs indulge in a bit of Blade Runner-style zoom and rotate while they’re showing it off in their San Francisco HQ. As the player character and his boss bundle a Trandoshan onto the elevator and descend to 1313, the devs stop and zoom in to examine every one of the pores on their faces. It isn’t flattering, but it’s a powerful demonstration of the detail in every inch of the game.

As art director Dave Smith explains, that extreme fidelity brings a unique challenge: “We have to build the things digitally as if we’d actually built them for real.” He points to a battered storage crate: “This is a metal crate with a layer of undercoat on it, then another layer of paint, then a treatment finish.” A crate. With all possible resources being spent on visual fidelity, it’s perhaps understandable that what little there is to see is mechanically conservative.

Those fancy crates are for ducking behind and shooting around, and the demo ends with some Uncharted-style leaping between exploding platforms. Star Wars 1313 wants to set a new benchmark for in-game animation when it arrives at the tail end of 2013. It might do that, but the cost might come at the expense of player freedom.

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